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Maintaining wood siding

Caring for and maintaining your home’s wood exterior is no small task. There are many tips and techniques that can help protect your exterior against everything our northeast climate throws at it. Extending the lifespan of the materials and avoiding costly repairs or replacements. Some tasks should be handled by a professional, but we will list them and leave them up to your personal skill level.

  1. Allow siding to dry: Most siding materials should never encounter any area where they can collect moister. Such as, the roof, decks, patios, metal flashing, etc. Be sure to always leave a space for airflow and drainage.
  2. Sealing wood trim: When installing wood trim on your home it is especially important to prime all four sides and ALL cuts before installing your trim to prevent future rot or damage.
  3. Inspect every 6 months. Perform a visual inspection at least twice a year, looking for signs of damage, such as termites and wood rot.
  4. Re-treat wood exterior every 2-5 years with stains, oils, or other protectants. If painted, follow tips below
  5. Clean annually, clean siding shows any wear that may be hidden by dirt or by organic growth
  6. Keep damaging elements away, such as trees and dead branches
  7. Paint or stain as needed it’s better not to wait otherwise you may require extensive scraping sanding or even expensive sandblasting
  8. Inspect annually.

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